• Himalayan Cat

    Himalayan Cat

    Our guide to the Himalayan cat breed discusses both facts and common traits of this calm, loyal and docile companion cat.

  • Which Cats Shed the Least?

    Which Cats Shed the Least?

    Whether you are allergic or just can't deal with shedding, there are many either non or light shedding breeds of cat out there.

  • Top 5 Affectionate Cat Breeds

    Top 5 Affectionate Cat Breeds

    Cats often show affection in differently to dogs, but here are the top 5 cat breeds that show their love in a similar way.

  • Rare Breeds of Cat

    Rare Breeds of Cat

    Are you thinking of getting a new cat or kitten? The first thing to think about is what breed of cat you would prefer, as there are over 80 recognised...

  • Different Breeds of Cat

    Different Breeds of Cat

    With 63 cat breeds out there, choosing your perfect feline can be hard - so we've put together popular breeds and their qualities.

  • Siberian Cat

    Siberian Cat

    Loyal and friendly in nature, Siberian cats are often described to be 'doglike'. Find out more about this Russian cat breed here.

  • Siamese Cat

    Siamese Cat

    Siamese cats are famous for their portrayal in Disney's Lady and the Tramp. Find out more about this distinctive breed here.

  • Burmese Cat

    Burmese Cat

    Burmese cats, an ancestor of the Siamese, are known for being inquisitive and people-oriented. Find out more about the breed here.

  • Maine Coon Cat

    Maine Coon Cat

    One of the largest domestic cat breeds, Maine Coons are well known for their intelligence and looks. Find out more on the breed here.

  • Sphynx Cat

    Sphynx Cat

    Sphynx cats are well known for their muscular stature and unique look. Find out more about the Sphynx breed here.

  • Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdoll cats are a well-known breed for their striking eyes and friendly nature. Find out more on the breed here.

  • Persian Cats

    Persian Cats

    This elegant feline is a docile creature, but are prone to having a mad five minutes if they have a bit too much built up energy. A Persian is perfect...

  • British Shorthair Cat

    British Shorthair Cat

    The British Shorthair, which dates back to the Victorian era, is now possibly the most common English cat breed around. Their loving nature and fierce loyalty are just two traits...

  • Bengal Cat

    Bengal Cat

    The Bengal cat, a cross between Asian Leopard Cat and a Siamese, is best known for its beautiful Leopard spotted coat. But it isn’t just this unique coat that makes...

  • Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

    Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

    Many people love cats and the idea of owning one but feel like they cannot because of a sensitivity to allergies. What might come as a surprise is that people...

  • Unique Breeds

    Unique Breeds

    There are hundreds of different breeds of cats in the world. Moggies are the most common (non-pedigree) and then you’ve got popular pedigree cats like Ragdolls, Persians and Siamese but...

  • Common Domestic Breeds

    Common Domestic Breeds

    The most common type of cat in the UK is the good old moggy (non-pedigree) but if you’re thinking of getting a pedigree cat, there are many different kinds to...