• What Not to Feed your Cat

    The majority of cat owners will understand how easy it is to spoil your pet. Showering them with love, affection and of course, treats! It.

  • How to Care for your Cat

    Cats spend the majority of their (nine) lives either grooming, exploring, sleeping or eating. They have a natural instant to keep.

  • What to do if your cat has a seizure

    Seeing your cat having a seizure is very upsetting and unpleasant, there’s no doubt about it. They can happen for a variety of different.

  • Signs your Cat is in Heat

    Whether you have adopted a cat that may have already started its reproductive cycle, or you’ve decided to not spay your cat for.

  • Signs of Dementia in Cats

    Dementia (Cognitive Dysfunction) Just like us, old age brings various conditions and complications, which unfortunately no cat is exempt.

  • Protecting Your Cat in Hot Weather

    Cats are a lot more adapted to hot weather than humans, especially outdoor cats, but the heat can still take its toll on them. So, how can.

  • Alopecia in Cats

    Just like dogs, cats will shed their fur. It is perfectly normal, but can become worrying when you notice that their fur is beginning to.

  • A Guide to Dealing with Fleas

    It’s a nightmare faced by every cat or dog owner at some point – and can in all honesty be one of the most unpleasant and frustrating.

  • Keeping your Cat Active

    Whilst cats and dogs are completely different pets to care for – both require a few of the same things. Exercise to keep them fit and.

  • Looking After your Senior Cat

    Once your lovely cat reaches a certain age, there will be a number of things that you need to think about to keep them healthy. A cat is.

  • Preventative Care for Cats

    Regularly brushing away hair will minimise hair balls – you can’t get rid of them altogether though. Bad breath isn’t a given in.

  • Caring for your Cat’s Coat

    As with a dog, your cat’s coat is a sign of their overall health so it’s important to help them maintain a healthy, shiny coat. We know.

  • Healthy Cat Guide

    Welcoming a cat into your family, is a big commitment so it’s important that you’ve thought it through carefully. The life expectancy.

  • Cat Dental Care

    It doesn’t matter if you have a crossbreed or a pedigree cat, you need to look after their teeth on a daily basis. It’s thought that.

  • Cleaning Eyes and Ears

    Cats are prone to getting sore eyes and ears so it’s important that you check them regularly and know how to clean cats eyes and ears..

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