• Preparing your Cat for a Newborn

    Welcoming a newborn doesn't have to mean re-homing your beloved cat. Here are some tips for preparing your cat for a baby.

  • Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

    Have you ever seen your cat eat grass, and been left wondering why? Here's what this could be telling you about your cat's health.

  • Why Do Cats Fight with Other Cats?

    Although it is natural behaviour, the more cats fight the worse it will get. Here's how you can recognise and prevent future fights.

  • The Pros and Cons of an Indoor Cat

    Deciding whether to have an indoor cat can seem like an endless question, so we've put together some pros and cons to help you choose.

  • The Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Cat

    There are many factors that go into deciding to have an outdoor cat, so we've put together some pros and cons to help you choose.

  • 3 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Cat

    Dogs aren't the only trainable pet, despite what many people believe. Here are some fun tricks to teach your cat.

  • Indoor VS Outdoor Cat: The Pros And Cons

    It's an age old debate, but is it better to keep cats safely indoors or exploring outside? Take a look at the debate here.

  • Keeping Your Indoor Cat Entertained While You’re Away

    A bored cat is an unhappy cat, but how do you keep them emotionally stimulated when you're away? Here are some toys you can make at home.

  • Stamping Out Aggression in Cats

    Although you may love your cat unconditionally, sometimes they can lash out and act aggressively. This is common behaviour for cats because.

  • How To Maintain And Clean Your Cat’s Litterbox

    Although it is no ones favourite job, a cat's litter box needs to be maintained to look after both their hygiene and health. For tips on cleaning and maintaining them, take a look here.

  • Settling a New Kitten into your Home

    An exciting time for you both, there is a lot to do to make a new kitten feel settled and calm. Here's how you can prepare for the big day.

  • Understanding a Cats Behaviour

    Cats are know for being less affectionate than dogs - but with our guide you can interpret their behaviour to discover the moods behind it.

  • Praising Your Cat for Good Behaviour

    Generally, cats don't need the same amount of training as dogs, but it can't hurt to reinforce good behaviour! Here are some tips for training your cat.

  • How To Stop Your Cat Scratching The Furniture

    It’s the worst nightmare of every cat owner to come home to a destroyed house, but, how can you deal with destructive behaviour?

  • Signs Your Cat Is Stressed

    Quieter in nature than dogs, sometimes signs of stress can be harder to detect in cats - but this doesn't mean they aren't suffering. Take a look at our guide to the signs of stress in cats.

  • Everything You Should Know About Hairballs

    Due to their love of self-grooming, hairballs are often inevitable in cats. Read here for tips on reducing them and when you should be concerned about them.

  • Putting Your Cat In A Cattery

    It's hard to leave your cat behind when you go on holiday - but with our guide to catteries, you can ensure your cat has a holiday of their own.

  • Moving House With Your Cat

    Moving house can be a stressful time for both the owners and their cat. Here is how you can transition your cat into a new home.

  • What To Do If Your Cat Goes Missing

    It's every owners worse nightmare to find their cat has gone missing. For tips on the best action to take and how you can help them once they are found, check out our guide.

  • Choosing A Cat Litter Tray

    With so many litter tray's out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for both you and your cat's needs. Take a look at our guide to litter trays here.

  • Finding Company For Cats

    If you are thinking about getting a companion for you cat, whether another cat or dog, have a look at our blog post here for our tips and advice.

  • Using a Scratching Post

    If you have a kitten or cat and you don’t have a scratching post, you need to get one pronto. Scratching posts are must-have items for.

  • Exploring the Outdoors

    Introducing your cat to the outdoors for the first time can be a stressful time for any owner. Find out our advice and tips for an outdoor cat here.

  • Common Cat Behaviour

    Cats have a unique way of expressing both affection and stress than dogs, but this doesn't mean they love you any less. Find out how you can recognise common behaviours here.

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