• Preparing your Cat for a Newborn

    Once you get the great news that you are about to welcome a new baby into the family, you start to prepare for the big changes. As a huge.

  • Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

    Cats are known for being “obligate carnivores” so they need a steady meat diet to thrive, grow and lead a healthy life however, whether.

  • Why Do Cats Fight with Other Cats?

    For cats, fighting is natural behaviour. Whether it is companion cats who have peacefully lived together and now engage battles in the.

  • The Pros and Cons of an Indoor Cat

    When it comes to deciding whether your cat is going to be an Indoor Cat or an Outdoor Cat there are various factors that you should.

  • The Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Cat

    Owning a Cat is a wonderful thing but before you bring your new feline friend home you need to decide on the environment you feel is best.

  • 3 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Cat

    Can you train a cat? Many people assume that answer is no; cats are independent animals and respond less to human praise than dogs..

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Cat: The Pros and Cons

    Should you keep your cat indoors or let it come and go as it pleases? If you live in a busy city or an apartment without outdoor space,.

  • Keeping Your Indoor Cat Entertained While You’re Away

    A bored cat is an unhappy cat. Just like humans, it is important that your cat is emotionally stimulated. The easiest way to do this, of.

  • Stamping Out Aggression in Cats

    Although you may love your cat unconditionally, sometimes they can lash out and act aggressively. This is common behaviour for cats because.

  • How to Maintain and Clean your Cat’s Litterbox

    For many first-time owners of cats, it can be a completely new experience to clean and maintain a litter box. As much as it might not be.

  • Settling a New Kitten into your Home

    Introducing a new cat or kitten into your home is an exciting moment for any new, or existing pet owner. However, special care needs to be.

  • Understanding Cats Behaviour

    Whether it is your first time owning a pet cat, or you have had experience looking after one before, it is recommended to try and.

  • Praising your Cat for Good Behaviour

    Cats don’t need the same amount of training as dogs do, but they can still benefit from you praising good behaviour when it occurs..

  • How to stop your Cat Scratching the Furniture

    Worst case scenario: you’ve returned home from work after a long day to find your beloved cat has scratched up your leather sofa..

  • Signs your Cat is Stressed

    Just like us, animals suffer from stress. In fact, stress can often be a significant contributing factor to many different behavioural and.

  • Everything You Should Know About Hairballs

    Cat owners, you know the score. Hairballs are a slightly disgusting part of having a cat. It can be fairly alarming if you’re not.

  • Putting your Cat in a Cattery

    It’s never nice to think about leaving your cat behind when you go on holiday – but thankfully there are some lovely catteries out.

  • Moving house with your Cat

    Moving house is always a stressful undertaking, as there is a lot to remember, a lot to organise and a lot to do! Moving house with.

  • What to do if your Cat Goes Missing

    It is the moment every pet owner dreads, it leaves the whole family distraught, when your beloved pet goes missing. If you think that.

  • Choosing a Litter Tray

    At the outset, choosing a litter tray might seem like a simple task. But when you visit the pet store to make your purchase, you will.

  • Company for Cats

    Cats are often seen as silent and solitary animals. While this is true in most cases, different cats, like most animals, have distinct.

  • Using a Scratching Post

    If you have a kitten or cat and you don’t have a scratching post, you need to get one pronto. Scratching posts are must-have items for.

  • Exploring the Outdoors

    As an owner, letting your kitten or cat outside for the first time can be quite stressful. We all want to protect our furry friends from.

  • Common Cat Behaviour

    If you’re thinking about getting your first cat or perhaps have a cat but are wondering about their little quirks, then this guide should.

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