• The Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Cat

    Owning a Cat is a wonderful thing but before you bring your new feline friend home you need to decide on the environment you feel is best.

  • 3 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Cat

    Can you train a cat? Many people assume that answer is no; cats are independent animals and respond less to human praise than dogs..

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Cat: The Pros and Cons

    Should you keep your cat indoors or let it come and go as it pleases? If you live in a busy city or an apartment without outdoor space,.

  • Keeping Your Indoor Cat Entertained While You’re Away

    A bored cat is an unhappy cat. Just like humans, it is important that your cat is emotionally stimulated. The easiest way to do this, of.

  • Stamping Out Aggression in Cats

    Although you may love your cat unconditionally, sometimes they can lash out and act aggressively. This is common behaviour for cats because.

  • How to Maintain and Clean your Cat’s Litterbox

    For many first-time owners of cats, it can be a completely new experience to clean and maintain a litter box. As much as it might not be.

  • Settling a New Kitten into your Home

    Introducing a new cat or kitten into your home is an exciting moment for any new, or existing pet owner. However, special care needs to be.

  • Understanding Cats Behaviour

    Whether it is your first time owning a pet cat, or you have had experience looking after one before, it is recommended to try and.

  • Praising your Cat for Good Behaviour

    Cats don’t need the same amount of training as dogs do, but they can still benefit from you praising good behaviour when it occurs..

  • How to stop your Cat Scratching the Furniture

    Worst case scenario: you’ve returned home from work after a long day to find your beloved cat has scratched up your leather sofa..

  • Signs your Cat is Stressed

    Just like us, animals suffer from stress. In fact, stress can often be a significant contributing factor to many different behavioural and.

  • Everything You Should Know About Hairballs

    Cat owners, you know the score. Hairballs are a slightly disgusting part of having a cat. It can be fairly alarming if you’re not.

  • Putting your Cat in a Cattery

    It’s never nice to think about leaving your cat behind when you go on holiday – but thankfully there are some lovely catteries out.

  • Moving house with your Cat

    Moving house is always a stressful undertaking, as there is a lot to remember, a lot to organise and a lot to do! Moving house with.

  • What to do if your Cat Goes Missing

    To maximise the chances of finding your cat, should they go missing, ensure that they are microchipped and registered. This is.

  • Choosing a Litter Tray

    At the outset, choosing a litter tray might seem like a simple task. But when you visit the pet store to make your purchase, you will.

  • Company for Cats

    Cats are often seen as silent and solitary animals. While this is true in most cases, different cats, like most animals, have distinct.

  • Using a Scratching Post

    If you have a kitten or cat and you don’t have a scratching post, you need to get one pronto. Scratching posts are must-have items for.

  • Exploring the Outdoors

    As an owner, letting your kitten or cat outside for the first time can be quite stressful. We all want to protect our furry friends from.

  • Common Cat Behaviour

    If you’re thinking about getting your first cat or perhaps have a cat but are wondering about their little quirks, then this guide should.

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