• Guide To Identifying Stray Cats

    We all know most cats love adventures, but which cats on the street are strays? Here are the main identifiers of stray cats.

  • Why Are Cats Scared of Water?

    Always wondered why your cat is afraid of water? Our guide discusses the main reasons why cats tend to stay clear of anything wet.

  • Tips for Preventing Unwanted Cats Entering Your Home

    Are you getting unwanted cats visiting your home and garden? Here are some tips for deterring stray cats without harming your own.

  • Christmas Gifts For Cats And Dogs

    Why not treat your pets this Christmas with our Christmas gift ideas for cats and dogs.

  • Owning a Pet: How to Prepare your Home

    Welcoming a new pet into your home isn’t just about giving them a grand tour. It’s about preparing your home for their arrival, so.

  • Making Your Garden Safe For Pets

    Your garden will likely become the kingdom of any outdoor cat that you own, so here is how you can make sure they stay safe out there.

  • Travelling with Pets: Does Your Pet Need a Passport?

    Thinking of taking your pet on the family holiday? Here's everything you need to know, from passports to helpful travel tips.

  • Advice For Driving With Your Pet

    Have you got an upcoming trip involving your pet - such as the vets? Here's how you can keep your pet safe during car journeys.

  • What are Catios?

    A craze from America, the term "catios" is getting a lot of light recently - but what exactly are they, and what are they for?

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