• Pomeranian

    Also known as Poms, these cute little puffballs with fox-like faces and bushy tails are the smallest of the Spitz breed but have the.

  • Dogs with Dreadlocks

    There are various breeds of dogs that can grow what is known in the human world as “dreadlocks” whether this be naturally or if the.

  • Most Popular Dog Breeds

    A dog makes the perfect addition to any home. However, with over 200 breeds to choose from, how can you be sure you are choosing the right.

  • Border Collie

    These incredibly intelligent and dynamic dogs were originally bred in Northumberland to work with shepherds and control the sheep herds on.

  • Unique Cross Breeds

    There are a huge variety of interesting cross breed dogs nowadays, some of which have become incredibly popular with new owners. The best.

  • English Springer Spaniel

    This sprightly and affectionate breed is a medium sized gun dog and the most popular breed in the field. It is also an all-round ideal.

  • English Bulldog

    With its large head and short muzzle, the English Bulldog is unique and characteristically brave. Even with its tough exterior, you’d.

  • German Shepherd

    With starring roles in film and TV, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. Intelligent, strong and.

  • Pug

    Don’t be fooled by their wrinkled, grumpy little face, Pugs are happy, affectionate and loyal. Their easy-going temperament means they.

  • French Bulldog

    The small stature of this breed does nothing to dampen its big personality, which often involves a humorous expression, and a lively.

  • Cocker Spaniel

    This well-tempered and gentle natured breed is one of the smallest in the gun-dog group, but what they lack in size, they make up for in an.

  • Labrador Retriever

    The Labrador Retriever has a reputation of being one of the kindest natured dog breeds, and it’s this that makes them the most popular.

  • Typical Traits of Common Breeds

    Before you get any dog, it’s vital that you do your research. You should never get a dog just because you like the way it looks..

  • Choosing a Dog by Size (Giant, Large, Medium, Small, Toy)

    There are more than 200 different dog breeds in the UK and that’s not including some of the mixes you can get. Pedigree dogs are split.

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