• Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

    Grain free diets are becoming popular for owners and dogs alike, but how can it help your dog and their health. Find out more here.

  • Brachycephalic Dog Breed Guide

    Brachycephalic breeds are well known for their unique looks, but with many health problems it's important to understand their needs. Find out more here.

  • Guide to Hypoallergenic Dog Food

    Are you struggling with skin irritation in your dog? Check our guide to hypoallergenic dog food here, and find out how it can help your dog.

  • Why Is My Dog Always Itching?

    Is your dog constantly itching, licking or biting themself? Check out or guide to identifying and dealing with problem skin in dogs.

  • Exercises For You and Your Dog

    Dogs make the best workout companions, but how do you know which is best? Our guide brings you tips on perfect exercises for you both.

  • What is Cherry Eye in Dogs?

    Have a look at our guide to cherry eye, a common condition in a number of breeds that can lead on to serious eye problems.

  • 5 Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

    Although it can be hard to give into those puppy dog eyes, here are some human foods that could potentially be toxic to your dog.

  • Caring for your Dog’s Dry Nose

    A dry nose in a dog could be down to a number of different factors. Here are the main reasons why dogs develop a dry, rough nose.

  • Setting Your Puppy Up for a Long and Healthy Life

    Welcoming a puppy into your home is an exciting time, but here are some considerations all first-time dog parents need to prepare for.

  • How to Keep your Dog Cool in the Sun

    Everyone loves summer, especially dogs, but as the hot weather rolls in make sure you know all the tips for keeping your pooch safe.

  • Looking After your Dog’s Coat in each Season

    Unless you're lucky enough to have a hypoallergenic dog, shedding is a constant issue. Learn more about your dog's coat with our guide.

  • Dangerous Foods for Your Dog to Eat at Christmas

    Although it can be hard to say no to those eyes, here are some foods that you should keep well away from your pooch this Christmas.

  • How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer

    As summer rolls in, it's important to think about how you can keep your dog cool. Here's our guide to looking after your dog in summer.

  • How to Keep Your Dog Warm During Winter

    As the coats come out and the gloves on, we're all preparing ourselves for the winter - but how do you keep you dog warm in winter months?

  • Dog Worming & Flea Treatments

    Nearly all dogs will have fleas or worms at some point in their life. Left untreated, these parasites will make your pet unwell, so being.

  • Common Parasites in Dogs

    Every now and again dogs and puppies can be susceptible to parasites, which can be easily picked up from being out on a walk. Whether the.

  • Why is my Dog Scratching?

    It’s not uncommon for dogs to have a good scratch every now and again, although only you as an owner will know if the scratching becomes.

  • Dog Hygiene Tips

    Owning a dog is much more than just walking and feeding, as there is a great deal of ‘canine maintenance’ that is also required to keep.

  • Neutering your Pet

    It can be a hard choice, but with some great benefits. Here's why some people highly recommend that you neuter your pet.

  • What Not to Feed Your Dog

    It can be hard to give in to those eyes, but there are some foods that - although harmless to humans - should never be given to your dog.

  • Making Your Garden Safe for Pets

    Pets love spending time outside, but how can you be sure they are safe? Check out our tips on pet-proofing your garden.

  • How to Wash Your Dog

    Baths are important to a dog's health, but what do you do if your dog hates them? Read our guide to giving dogs a bath here.

  • The Importance of a Good Routine for Your Dog

    Routines are an important part of acclimatising your dog to a new home, but how do you work out the perfect schedule?

  • Facts About Dog Shedding

    As pet owners, we can find ourselves constantly cleaning up after our dog, especially the trail of excess hair they leave behind them. But.

  • Why Is My Dog Scooting?

    Although it may look funny, there can be a slightly sinister reason as to why your dog is scooting. Check out our informational guide here.

  • Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

    We've all seen our dogs do it, but is there a reason for them to eat grass, or is it just their curiosity? Find out more here.

  • Novel Protein

    Novel protein is a word used for meats that you're dog doesn't normally get to eat in regular dog foods - such as kangaroo and venison. Find out why we recommend them for dogs with digestive problems here.

  • How To Clip Your Dog’s Nails

    Clipping your dogs nails can seem daunting, so check out our guide to trimming a dogs nails safely at home.

  • Ear Care for Dogs

    Ear care in dogs is an important part of their health routine, and yet not often thought about. Here are our tips to maintaining ear care in dogs.

  • Eye Care for Dogs

    In terms of their general health and well-being, another problem area for dogs are their eyes, which can become irritated in a similar way.

  • Healthy Treat Training for Dogs

    Although they can be great for encouraging good behaviour, not many people think about the quality of the treats they are using. Check out our guide to healthy treat training here.

  • Common Food Intolerances In Dogs

    Is you dog constantly having adverse reaction to food? Find out if your dog has an intolerance here, and how you can help.

  • Looking After Your Dog’s Coat

    Looking after your dog's coat by keeping it glossy and shiny has a big influence on their overall health. Find out our tips here.

  • Sensitive Stomach/Colitis In Dogs

    Is your dog suffering from a sensitive stomach or colitis? Find out here how you can help your dog through a change in their diet.

  • Looking After Your Dog's Anal Glands

    Responsible for an oil used for scent marking, problems with your dog's anal glands can cause a lot of discomfort. Here is how you can help.

  • Changing Your Dog Food To Simpsons Premium

    If you are thinking about changing your current brand dog food to our range of dog foods, then take a look at our guide here.

  • Itchy Skin And Allergies In Dogs

    Are you noticing your dog is spending a lot of time itching ans scratching themself? Find out here if this is actually due to food allergies.

  • Feeding Pregnant and Lactating Bitches

    If you are enlisting your bitch on a breeding programme, make sure she is in peak condition and you understand how her needs will develop. Find out more here.

  • Dental Care

    If you didn’t brush your teeth well twice a day, your teeth would be in terrible condition (and on your next visit to your dentist.

  • Cleaning Dogs Ears

    When it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears you need to take care. You should never try using a cotton bud as you could cause real.

  • Avoiding Obesity in Dogs

    Many dogs are naturally predisposed to gaining weight. Make sure your dog is living it's best life with our guide to obesity.

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