• Novel Protein

    Many cats and dogs can suffer frequently with digestive issues or end up having a severe reaction from low-quality foods that they eat. At.

  • How to Clip your Dog’s Nails

    A dog who gets a lot of exercise might need their nails trimmed very infrequently as covering many miles each day will wear their nails.

  • Ear Care for Dogs

    Along with training your dog to make sure they are obedient and well-behaved, it’s also very important to keep them as healthy and happy.

  • Eye Care for Dogs

    In terms of their general health and wellbeing, another problem area for dogs are their eyes, which can become irritated in a similar way.

  • Healthy Treats for Dogs

    One thing we all love to do as pet owners is treat our dogs. While this is a very good idea, especially when undertaking training of a.

  • Common Food Intolerances in Dogs

    Has your cat or dog ever had an adverse reaction to their food? It might have been caused by an intolerance to a certain ingredient and is.

  • Looking After Your Dog’s Coat

    A dog’s coat is just about the most reliable way of assessing your dog’s general health. A glossy, shiny coat is a sign of a healthy.

  • Sensitive Stomach/Colitis

    Is your dog suffering from a Sensitive Stomach or Colitis? The most common symptoms of a sensitive stomach for pets is loose stools,.

  • Looking after your dog's Anal Glands

    The anal glands are located on either side of the anus and contain a foul smelling oily liquid which is normally emptied when your pet.

  • Changing Your Dog Food to Simpsons Premium

    We recommend that you gradually change from your current brand to Simpsons Premium following the guide below – if changing to the 80/20.

  • Itchy Skin/Allergies

    Itchy, sensitive skin and allergies are one of the problems that seems to be really bothering lots of our pets. The main symptoms of.

  • Feeding Pregnant and Lactating Bitches

    Make sure that your bitch is in optimum condition before embarking on a breeding programme. Bitches that are overweight before pregnancy.

  • Dental Care

    If you didn’t brush your teeth well twice a day, your teeth would be in terrible condition (and on your next visit to your dentist.

  • Cleaning Dogs Ears

    When it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears you need to take care. You should never try using a cotton bud as you could cause real.

  • Avoiding Obesity in Dogs

    Has your dog’s weight slowly been creeping up without you noticing? It’s thought that a third of dogs in the UK are overweight and if.

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