• Guide to Leaving Your Dog at Home

    Leaving you dog at home doesn’t have to be daunting – our guide brings you all the tips for keeping them happy whilst they are alone.

  • Should I Let My Dog Sleep on My Bed?

    One of the biggest questions we hear is whether or not you should sleep with your dog. Here's why it may not be such a good idea.

  • How Do Dogs Show Love & Affection?

    Actions definitely speak louder than words when with dogs, and so here are some ways your dog is trying to show their love to you.

  • Games to Stop your Dog Getting Bored

    Dogs can be mischievous at the best of times, and especially so when bored. Have a look at our guide for fun games to keep them busy.

  • How to stop your dog barking at Trick or Treaters

    If you've got a young or loud dog, Halloween may not be your favourite time of year - but with our guide you might just change your mind.

  • 10 Tips for Making Your Dog Obedient

    Training can seem like a daunting task, so why not get a helping hand by checking our guide for tips on obedience and dog training.

  • How to Use Treats to Train Your Dog

    By using treats to reward positive behaviour, your pup will begin to associate your commands with happiness. The first step is to choose.

  • Why Is My Dog Barking So Much?

    Whilst it’s completely normal for dogs to bark, excessive barking can not only be irritating for you but can also indicate that your dog.

  • Why is my Dog Scratching?

    It’s not uncommon for dogs to have a good scratch every now and again, although only you as an owner will know if the scratching becomes.

  • Do You let Your Dog on the Furniture?

    There's nothing better than to cuddle up to your dog after a long day, but should they be allowed with you on the furniture?

  • 6 Steps to Letting Your Dog off the Lead

    It's normal to be apprehensive about letting your dog off the lead for the first time - but with our guide, it doesn't have to be so daunting.

  • How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead

    Training your dog to stop pulling on a lead is a hard task - especially with a puppy. Read our guide for tips, tricks and advice for lead training.

  • How to Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Behaviour

    Destructive behaviours in dogs is a tricky subject, but often quite common for many owners. Here are our tips for encouraging them out of it.

  • Facts about Kennel Cough

    A common problem for dogs, kennel cough is a highly infectious condition - but how do you effectively treat it? Read our guide to kennel cough here.

  • Socialising: Dogs and Children

    Children and dogs are a classic pair, but there are some things you can do make sure they cohabit safely. Check out our guide to socialising cats and dogs here.

  • Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

    We've all seen our dogs do it, but is there a reason for them to eat grass, or is it just their curiosity? Find out more here.

  • Basic Commands for Dogs

    Here are some of the basic commands you can easily teach your dog from home and why they may be useful.

  • How To Care For Older Dogs

    As dogs get more senior, their needs from you as an owner change and develop. Find out more on caring for a senior dog here.

  • Putting Your Dog In A Kennel

    In a perfect world, you would be able to take your dog on holiday with you. If that isn’t possible, you don’t have friends or.

  • What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

    If your dog has gone missing, you might be wondering where to start looking and who to contact. Find out how best to deal with a lost dog here.

  • Stamping out Bad Behaviour

    Bad behaviour slowly develops in a dog over time, but should shortly be dealt with and discouraged. Here are our tips for stamping out bad behaviour in dogs and puppies.

  • Learning Simple Tricks

    Teaching your dog simple tricks can seem daunting at first, but with our guide, your dog will be sitting and shaking hands with the best of them. Find out more information here.

  • Crate Training

    Dog crate training is great for providing your pet with a sfe place to retreat to, and is handy for those rare moments when you need to quickly pop out for a short amount of time. Find out more on crate training here.

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