German Shepherd Breed Guide

German ShepherdOriginating in Germany and known as an Alsatian, they were first used as a Herding dog before becoming one of the most popular breeds in many different countries for their role as a noble police dog - due to their alertness, train-ability, intelligence and stamina. They are very loyal to their families and will form a close bond with you, which also makes them good watchdogs as they become very protective of their family members and will alert you if a stranger is around. As a breed, the German Shepherd requires training from an early age and they are a breed that, in the right hands and with the right training, are extremely responsive to commands and therefore do exceptionally well at obedience classes.

Breed Group: Pastoral
Life Span: 9-13 Years
Colour: Tan with Black Saddlery

What Height and Weight Should My German Shepherd Be?

Height: Male: 24 – 26 inches                             Female: 22-24 inches
Weight: Male: 30 – 40kg                                      Female: 22 – 33kg


The German Shepherd boasts a thick, dense double coat and is typically medium length -although long haired ones can be seen. Both coat types shed throughout the year, but shedding can be reduced with regular grooming. It is recommended that you brush them around three to four times a week with a slicker brush as this reduces shedding and helps keep the coat looking healthy and shiny. Also, part of their regular routine should be ear cleaning – around once a week – to prevent irritation or infection due to excess wax or dirt. They should only be bathed once every six to eight weeks as excessive bathing can cause their skin to become irritated, dry and flaky.


Germans shepherds are high energy dogs that don’t like being bored due to lack of exercise. Boredom can cause bad and destructive behaviours such as; chewing furniture, urinating or digging the ground. You should aim for around two hours of exercise a day as a minimum and try to include some interactive games to ensure they stay fit, healthy and happy.


As they are high energy dogs and can be known to have sensitive stomachs or skin they need a good quality diet throughout their lives. We would recommend our Sensitive range for both puppies and adults. For puppies, the Puppy Salmon & Potato would be the most suitable so that you’re avoiding the common allergen, grains. Around ten to twelve months you are able to move onto the Adult Sensitive range and the one we would recommend is either the Salmon and Potato, so that you are sticking to the same flavour they had as a puppy, or the Duck and Potato. You should be able to alternate between the flavours with no problems.

Overall, the German Shepherd is a good breed for anyone who loves the outdoors and has time to spend on training them as well as wanting a pet who you will have a close bond with.

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