How to stop your Cat Scratching the Furniture

19th September 2017

cat scratchingWorst case scenario: you’ve returned home from work after a long day to find your beloved cat has scratched up your leather sofa. Frustration and anger are probably your first emotions but before shouting at your cat, take a moment to understand why they are scratching and what you can do to stop it happening again.

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Games to stop your dog getting bored

15th September 2017

dog playingPart and parcel of owning a dog is not only exercising them regularly, but also keeping them mentally stimulated too. The best way to do this is to play games with them that will keep them from getting bored and ultimately, getting into mischief.

Below is a few of our favourite, inexpensive games that will be fun for both you and your dog.

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How to wash a Dog

30th August 2017

Bathing a dogMost dogs loath them, but some dogs can’t get enough of them. A bath can seem like a dramatic time of the month for your dog, but keeping them clean is very important to ensure their skin and coat is kept shiny and clean. More importantly, it ensures they don’t get any skin irritations, infections, or have any loss of fur.

Below we have put together a premium guide to washing your pooch, especially if you have trouble with getting them in the bath in the first place! These hints and tips will give you an idea of how to get them in the tub in the first place, how to wash them and how often. After reading this guide you might find bath night a lot easier to handle.

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How to wash a Cat

21st August 2017

cat bathTraditionally, cats hate going anywhere near water, although you do get some exceptions. This can make it very difficult to bath them in general, especially as they are likely to become very stressed or lash out if forced in the tub.

Sometimes though, you have no other option than to give them a good scrub (as gently as possible of course). Below we’ve included some handy hints and tips that should really help when you need to get your feline washed and smelling sweet in no time.
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How to Keep your Dog Cool in Summer

31st July 2017

BU88R8BA4HAt the height of summer, you’re likely to be opening windows or making sure your air conditioning is on full blast. But what about you’re furry friend? Especially for dogs with thick coats, summer can be a difficult time where many breeds can struggle to cool down during a heatwave. That means you need to do everything you can to keep them cool.

Below we’ve listed some of the best ways to keep your pooch cool and some definite no-no’s when it comes to leaving them unattended in soaring temperatures.

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Facts about Kennel Cough

21st July 2017

If your dog is unlucky enough to pick up kennel cough there’s no need to panic, but as a responsible owner you should take steps to stop it from spreading any further. Unfortunately, the affliction is very contagious, so can easily be passed around, even if your dog isn’t necessarily in a kennel. It can be as easy as just meeting dogs in the park.

Given how common it can be, it is worth understanding the facts about kennel cough before your faithful hound gets it, so you can deal with it in the right way. Below we have listed some key details and things you can do to help your poorly pooch.

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What to do if your cat has a seizure

26th June 2017

 What to do if your cat has a seizureSeeing your cat having a seizure is very upsetting and unpleasant, there’s no doubt about it. They can happen for a variety of different reasons (previous injury to the brain, kidney disease, diabetes, infection, environmental toxins, etc).

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How to Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Behaviour

10th June 2017

dogThis is a tricky subject but one that many dog owners may face at some point. The key here to first establish the difference between normal playful behaviour for dogs and actual destructive behaviour that has causes and consequences.

If your dog is clearly playing, chewing a little and exploring his surroundings without causing great damage, then you can relax. This is normal dog behaviour. However, if your dog is destroying your property, digging where he shouldn’t, chewing carpet, table legs and generally causing damage and trouble, then you have destructive behaviour on your hands, which needs correction.
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How to stop your dog pulling on the lead

22nd May 2017


When you first bring home a new dog or puppy, you will face many challenges while trying to train them and get them used to a daily routine. One of those challenges is getting them to stop pulling on the lead, which isn’t easy when they’re so excited to be outside! With all the distractions of loud noises, intriguing smells and other dogs to contend with, you’ll be lucky to have a pooch that is always calm on the lead.

To give you a helping hand we’ve put together the best advice for stopping your dog pulling on the lead. The training techniques we’ve picked out mean that you should be able to take walks at your own pace, rather than being pulled here there and everywhere by your excitable dog or puppy!

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Praising your Cat for Good Behaviour

10th May 2017

pexels-photo-236603Cats don’t need the same amount of training as dogs do, but they can still benefit from you praising good behaviour when it occurs. Training through positive reinforcement and treats can help a cat or kitten figure out the house rules and guide them of what you consider to be good behaviour. For an owner, it could mean the difference between a cat using the litterbox and going to the toilet in your shoes instead.

Below we have listed some handy tips on the best ways to praise good behaviour in your cat, as well as how to distinguish between good and bad behaviour in the first place. Once you start praising your cat, you’ll find that with enough repetition, they will start to understand how you want them to behave, and you’ll be left with a very obedient kitty!

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