6 Steps to Letting your Dog off the Lead

26th April 2017

DOZZ3LI55KWhether you’ve got a new dog or puppy, as an owner you will be naturally apprehensive about taking them off the lead for the first time. Depending on the breed and temperament, they might be boisterous, or even very nervous when around other dogs, people and loud noises, so it’s best to adopt a tactical strategy to ease them into being let off the lead.

Below we have laid out a six-step strategy for familiarising your dog with being off the lead, and behaving at the same time. As well as being training for the dog, this is also building the trust between owner and pet, so eventually you should have no problem in letting them off the lead on a walk. Continue reading

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Do you let your Dog on the furniture?

12th April 2017

Dogs on the furnitureAs soon as a new dog enters your household, they are considered one of the family. It is completely up to you as an owner to establish the rules of the house and what privileges your dog will be allowed. It is more often the case that these privileges are fairly close to the human members of the family, so much so, that they are free to roam around the house and do as they please.
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Advice for Driving with your Pet

20th March 2017

Driving with pets

An important aspect of pet ownership is the ability to keep them safe. This can be making sure your home is a safe place for them to be, as well as ensuring they are equally as safe when out on a walk or in public. Either way, it is your responsibility as owner to ensure a cat or dog does not get in harm’s way.
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10 Tips for Making Your Dog Obedient

15th March 2017

Whether you have just got a new puppy or have adopted an older dog you would like to train, it can be a challenging prospect. A lot of time and patience goes into training a dog of any age, and depending on their temperament and your dedication to training them, it can seem easy or be very difficult at times.

Making your dog obedient

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together our top 10 tips to making your dog more obedient, which should make you think about your approach to training your dog. It might be that you’re new to training, or have started out but just need a little advice before carrying on. After all, some dogs can be challenging when it comes to obedience, so the more advice the better, especially if you want to get your dog obeying every command sooner rather than later.
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Making your Garden Safe for Pets

22nd February 2017

garden safeYour garden is the perfect place for your pets to play and enjoy the outdoors, allowing you to keep an eye on them. It’s important that your garden is a safe place for them to enjoy without any potential danger or hazards.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a ‘Making your Garden Safe for Pets’ guide:

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cat: The Pros and Cons

8th February 2017

Should you keep your cat indoors or let it come and go as it pleases?

If you live in a busy city or an apartment without outdoor space, it might be tempting to keep your pet indoors. On the other hand, allowing your cat to wander free comes with its own set of dangers.

To help you make the choice, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons to both sides of the argument:
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Travelling with Pets: Does Your Pet Need a Passport?

18th January 2017


pexels-photo-24104 (1)

Who doesn’t enjoy a holiday? From unique city breaks, to spending a week or two relaxing on a glorious white beach somewhere on the other side of the world, the idea of jetting off somewhere new is music to anyone’s ears. However, the thought of leaving your beloved pet behind, is not. As well looked after and pampered they might be in a five-star cattery or kennels, to make sure they get the continued care and attention from you and your family, why not bring them on holiday with you? Below we have shared all the information you need about obtaining a passport for your pet.
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Dangerous Foods for Your Dog to Eat at Christmas

21st December 2016


Christmas is a time for food, food and more food. Because your dog’s nose is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than yours, this can seem exciting and the source of lots more treats than usual. Unfortunately, many of the traditional foods we enjoy during the festive season are bad for a dog’s health. Before you give into your pet’s begging at Christmas, read our overview of the foods you should avoid giving your dog.

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Dangerous Foods for Cats to Eat at Christmas

21st December 2016


Cats are notoriously fussy eaters, but that doesn’t stop them occasionally eating something they shouldn’t. Any foodstuffs that are not designed especially for a cat’s digestive system can cause them damage. However, there are some foods that you need to take special care of around the festive season.

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Christmas Gifts for Cats and Dogs

14th December 2016

Christmas gifts for Cats and DogsChristmas is for spending quality time with family. Choosing thoughtful gifts and surprising loved ones with something they have always wanted- including the pets! If you count your cat or dog as a fully-fledged member of the family, share the love with them on Christmas day by presenting them with gifts of their own! The extra love and attention you give them will strengthen the bond between you and they will love joining in the festive fun!

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