How to Help Outdoor Cats During Winter

Cat sitting on a wooden fenceCats feel the cold just as much as we do, so it’s important to keep your outdoor furry friend safe and warm during the winter season. If your cat can’t be tempted by the comforting warmth of your house, here’s a few tips to make sure they’re looked after outdoors.

Create an Outdoor Shelter

Cats may have a permanent fur coat, but they still need somewhere to go when the temperature drops. A garden shed or a garage would be the best place for cats to shelter themselves from the cold, but it would be best to create a space especially for the cat. Like dogs, cats rely on creating their own body heat to keep them warm, so a smaller space will warm up quickly from the cat’s body.

Adding some straw or shredded newspaper to the small space would give the cat something to burrow into and helps keep the cat extra warm. Try to avoid anything that would absorb body heat from the cat such as blankets and towels and anything that could cause your cat an allergic reaction such as hay.

Check Your Car

Cat’s often crawl into and under cars where there is heat remaining. Make sure you check under your bonnet (give it a little thud) especially when you know there are cats around.

Safety First!

If your cat does insist on going outside, consider buying a high-vis collar so your cat can be seen my motorists during the darker mornings and nights.

Like dogs, chemicals such as anti-freeze can be toxic to cats. It has a sweet taste which it what makes it so appealing. Make sure you keep these products away from where your cat can get to them.

Litter Tray

If you have an indoor cat who often ventures outside or who uses the bathroom outside, you may find that your furry friend may start to “hold it in” because it’s so cold. Make sure there’s a litter tray available for them and encourage them to use it.

Keeping them Fed and Watered

The most important thing to remember during winter is to keep your cat fed and watered. Make sure their food and water are as close together as possible to ensure they don’t have to travel too far to retrieve it. You need to check regularly to make sure the water has not frozen over and your cat can still get a drink. If your cat has a shelter and this is kept well insulated, this may prevent this from occurring often. Try to avoid placing the water near the shelter, as if this spills it can wet the area where the cat is sleeping and make it very cold.

Dry cat food can freeze over in really cold temperatures, to avoid this, place it near to where the cat sleeps so that their body temperature can help stop the food from freezing. But like water, check this regularly to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Cats don’t need extra calories during winter, but it’s important to make sure they still maintain a healthy diet by eating nutritious, quality cat food. Check out our range of Simpsons Premium Adult and Kitten food to find something you suit your cat.

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