Adopting a Dog

Written by Shopify API


Posted on November 28 2017

RetrieverAdopting a dog can be an extremely rewarding experience, for you and for the dog! In this blog post we’ll give you the best advice on how and where you can adopt.

Are you ready for a dog?

Before we begin, it’s very important that you’ve spent time considering whether now is the right time for a dog. You shouldn’t get any pet without consulting your whole family and making sure that you have the time, energy and finances available to care for the pet for their whole lives. Dogs are expensive, they cost on average £16,900 over their lifetime but any dog lover will admit this is money well spent. Dogs bring so much joy into your life, they’re the best companions you can have!

Which breed is right for you?

It’s vital that you do your research into the different dog breeds and create a shortlist of breeds that suit your lifestyle and family set up. You can’t choose a dog purely on the way it looks, for instance, a German Shepherd isn’t a good breed for some who suffers from allergies but a non-moulting dog breed like a Bichon Frise or a Schnauzer would be. Some breeds of dog are more prone to problems which is something you might want to bear in mind. For instance, Pugs are prone to breathing, skin and eye problems and Dachshunds can have spine problems and are prone to lymphocytic thyroiditis. If you’re looking for a mixed breed or mongrel rather than a pure breed dog it’s still worth researching the different breeds and seeing which mixes would work best.

Adopting a dog from a breed rescue

If you have your heart set on a certain breed of dog, then you’re best contacting that particular breed’s club rescue. You can find their details by searching online. They won’t have a rescue centre you can visit as their dogs are in foster homes across the UK. They will ask you some questions over the phone and then when they’ve found a good match, they’ll invite you to come and meet the dog and their fosterers. It can take many months for this to happen so this is something to consider. Once they’re happy that you’ll be a good owner, they’ll do a home check and set a date for when the dog can move in. You’ll then have to pay an adoption fee.

Adopting a dog from a rescue centre

If you want to adopt a dog from a rescue centre, then you can check out the dogs on their website or call in. Most rescue centres are open six days a week. If you can, try not to visit on a weekend when they’re at their busiest. You might need to visit a few times before you find your perfect match. Speak to the staff who work there about your family setup and the kind of dog you think would fit in well. They’ll be able to make some recommendations because they’ll have spent time getting to know each dog. Try not to judge a book by its cover as most dogs find being in a kennel very distressing and will bark when approached. Ask if you can spend some one on one time with them in an exercise area and introduce them to any dogs you currently have. Once you’ve found the dog you want, you’ll need to complete an application form and then the rescue centre will arrange a home visit. Once they’ve checked that your home is suitable they’ll arrange a date when your new dog can move in and you’ll need to pay the adoption fee. In preparation of the new arrival, you’ll need to buy a dog bed, lead, toys, accessories and food. Get in touch and we can recommend a range of our premium dog food that will be perfect for your new pet.