About Us

Simpsons Premium is a family run business founded in 2009 by Craig and Lisa Simpson. Lauren, their daughter joined the company in 2012 and their son Jamie in 2015, building the foundations for future generations.

As owners and breeders of Large Breed dogs for over 18 years they were only too aware that feeding pets with poor quality ingredients can lead to many health and behaviour problems including dietary intolerances, skin problems, lethargy and hyperactivity.

Together with one of the countries’ leading nutritionists they created a wide range of their own unique bespoke recipes to suit all breeds of dogs and cats.

All the dry foods are manufactured in the UK with the ingredients sourced here where possible. The wet food range is made in Germany as they feel this is the best and most reliable place for manufacturing organic products at this moment in time. The products do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and this also includes the raw ingredients.

In 2014 the wet food range was awarded a highly commended award by the readers of “Your Dog” magazine after only 12 months on the market.

In 2015 they were the first UK Company to launch a 90/10 dry complete cat and kitten food and the first UK Company to launch a Kangaroo and Wild Boar and Ostrich wet dog food.

The products are available throughout Europe.