Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ's page. If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us.

All our dry products and treats are made here in the UK. Our wet food is made in Germany as we feel they currently make the best products to suit our needs. The range of organic ingredients in Europe is much better than we have currently available in the UK for the pet food market.

Because we sell direct to Wholesale we are not aware of all the pet shops that buy our products unless they contact us. We would recommend that you look on the Stockist Finder on the website or contact your local independent supplier to see if they can order products in for you.

Unfortunately, we are un

All our food products are complete foods and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy pets. There is no need to add anything to the products.

At the moment, we can only ship throughout the UK from the website.

If you are buying our products through one of the wholesalers then please email all your shop information to and we can then get them added to the website.

Yes you can purchase direct from ourselves or from one of our wholesalers Best Pets or Trust Pet. 

Voucher codes only work if you have an account on the system. Unfortunately, they aren’t available for Guest Checkout. You will need to create an account on the system. Make sure you put the voucher in exactly as shown on. If you still have problems please email us the code with the expiry date so we can look into the matter further.

Our opening times are 9.30am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  

We often get asked this question and our answer always remains the same, whichever suits your dog. Some dogs do extremely well on Chicken & Brown Rice whilst others do better on a grain free diet. If you need advice for what best suits your dog please email us with more information about them and we can advise the best diet we believe would be suitable.

We recommend that you try a totally different diet to what you have tried in the past. If your dog has always been fed a grain based diet then we would advise to try the Sensitive range which is grain free and primarily contains a single source protein. We would recommend cutting out treats until you find the right food for your dog and once settled you can then start to add one thing at a time. This way if your dog reacts badly you will know what it is reacting to.

We would recommend a totally different diet to what your dog has currently tried. Usually grain free diets are best for dogs with skin problems such as the Sensitive Salmon & Potato, which is rich in omega oils. You would also need to change any treats you are currently feeding to grain free.

All our kibbles are suitable for all breeds of dogs and we have breeds from Chihuahua’s through to St Bernard’s doing very well. A lot of Large Breed kibble contain added joint packs (Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM) but we include these in all the dry products as standard.