Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

Written by Shopify API


Posted on October 18 2018

Choosing the right food for your dog can be a challenging task and one that certainly should not be taken lightly. Over the years grain free dog food has become increasingly popular, with many owners switching to grain free diets due to it being perfect for most dogs with food and skin allergies. Grain free foods eliminate wheat, corn, barley, oats and rice – tending to contain more proteins, meats and animal fats.

As every dog is different with unique nutritional requirements, it may be that your dog doesn’t require a grain free dog food and is perfectly fine on a grain-based diet. There is nothing wrong with this providing your dog is happy, healthy and has a balanced diet.

Grain Free Benefits


Grains don’t provide dogs with many oils, which are essential for maintaining a healthy coat and skin. As grain free dog food is usually high in proteins, there is an increase in omega 3 fatty acids compared to normal dog foods, especially in fish-based dog foods. Fatty oils in foods make a dog’s coat shiny, strong and thick – making them look healthier overall.


Allergic reactions in dogs can take many forms, from a minor skin irritation to gastric distress and vomiting. Some dogs can have allergies to grains in the diet which can cause skin and ear problems and a sensitive stomach, making a grain free diet best for dogs showing signs of any allergies. Since dogs can sometimes be allergic to wheat, corn or rice, by switching to a grain free diet you can eliminate these allergens.


All our grain free dog foods are a complete diet, containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your dog happy and healthy. Grain free dog food should also be high in healthy meat or fish protein as well as vegetables to provide your dog with a healthy, balanced meal. Many regular dog foods have rice as their main ingredient, making it low in nutritional value and not very tasty for dogs.


Dogs can digest most foods with easy, however, some can be a little more difficult. A dog’s digestive tract handles fats and proteins easily whilst grains can take longer to break down. However, since grain free diets contain either potato or sweet potato in place of the grains, they are easier to digest meaning that your dog’s body can work more efficiently.

Switching to Grain Free Dog Foods

If you are switching from a regular grain-based dog food, then this is not something you can do straight away – you must always introduce the grain free food slowly. Find out more about changing your food to Simpsons Premium here.

You must allow your dog’s digestive system to adjust to a new food gradually, as if you do a straight swap this can cause sickness, diarrhoea or constipation.

All our grain free foods are a complete diet and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your dog happy and healthy. The mixture of nutritional ingredients we use means that we have more of a chance of avoiding common foods that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog. It can be difficult to ascertain exactly what your dog is allergic to if it has a skin irritation or something similar, but by reducing the chance of it being the food, you reduce the chance of the reaction. Shop our full range of grain free dog foods here.