Border Collie

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Posted on July 07 2017

Border CollieThese incredibly intelligent and dynamic dogs were originally bred in Northumberland to work with shepherds and control the sheep herds on the border between England and Scotland. They are highly intelligent, energetic, loyal and lively dogs.

Border Collie Breed Bio:

Breed Group: Herding dogs Average Life Span: 10 - 14 years Coat Colours: Primarily black and white but other variations include: Tricolour - black/tan/white or sable and white, Red or chocolate and white, Red tricolour - red/tan/white, Lilac, Red merle, Blue merle and Brindle Height: Males 48 - 56 cm; Females 46 – 53 cm Weight: Males 14 - 20 kg; Females 12 - 19 kg Border Collie’s are highly intelligent dogs and it’s said that they tend to instinctively know what their master is about to ask of them before they even give the command. They are very energetic and boast an extremely strong compulsion to herd and a strong instinct to work with man. This makes them one of the best herding dogs out there. The Border Collie requires a huge amount of physical and mental exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. Their compulsion to herd is strong enough that they will try and herd anything, from children to other pets you may have in the house. This compulsion also means that they are extremely loyal and prefer to be surrounded by a loving family than on their own. To watch a border collie at work with a herd of sheep is to watch a master at work. They are famous for the intense stare they give their sheep as they skilfully manoeuvre them into whatever place or position the shepherd has asked. This dog will be happiest with very active owners who will be outdoors a great deal. They will also thrive when taking part in competitive agility routines or being given tasks that require a lot of mental effort.