British Shorthair Cat

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Posted on January 18 2017

The British Shorthair, which dates back to the Victorian era, is now possibly the most common English cat breed around. Their loving nature and fierce loyalty are just two traits that make them such a popular breed.

British Shorthair Bio:british shorthair cat

Average Life Span: 12 - 17 Years Coat Colours: Blue, lilac, chocolate, black, white, pointed, tabby and many more Weight: Males weight 12 to 20 pounds, females 8 to 14 pounds. The Shorthair is a calm and easy-going companion who will loyally follow you around the house by day and sit next to you on the sofa by night. By about a year old, the Shorthair will become lethargic and lazy, so make sure not to overfeed them as they can easily become obese. Due to their idle nature and moderate activity level, it’s often suggested to keep your British Shorthair indoors, so you don’t run the risk of them being hit by a car, attacked by other animals, or even stolen. The breed is best recognised for having a thick coat and round face, which is surprisingly very simple to groom and will only need brushing once a week. You will also need to clean their ears, and make sure their litterbox is spotless as they tend to be house proud animals. As a friendly feline who is easily to take care of, the British Shorthair is perfect for families and older cat lovers who want a calm companion by their side.