Burmese Cat

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Posted on May 04 2017

Burmese cats are sturdily built, with compact muscular bodies and perfectly rounded heads, which can be known as their trademark. They have delightful temperaments, are very inquisitive and fun, as well as full of affection for their humans.

Burmese Bio:cat-2065595_1920

Average Life Span: 16-18 years Coat Colours: Brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, brown tortie, blue tortie, chocolate tortie, lilac tortie Weight: Males: 5.4kg to 6.8kg, Females: 3.1kg to 4kg Ancestors of the Siamese, the Burmese is a very distinctive breed with a captivating personality. They are entertaining, friendly and very playful – making them an ideal family cat. They’re great with children and other animals too. As one of the most people-orientated breed, they will form close bonds with their family and will need lots of attention. This is not a breed of cat that will happily spend day after day alone, they are happiest with regular companionship. Burmese are blessed with silky smooth coats of short hair so require very little grooming. They can be maintained easily with stroking or a rubber brush once a week. They would undoubtedly enjoy manual grooming much more. Burmese are trusting and overly inquisitive cats so will get into trouble if left unsupervised outdoors, so they are safest kept inside. They are risk takers and adventurers, so ensure you give them plenty of opportunities and resources for play. All in all, this is a truly lovely breed who will provide much entertainment, love and fun to the whole family, who is low maintenance and very pretty to look at!