Caring For Your Cat’s Coat

Written by Shopify API


Posted on May 04 2017

As with a dog, your cat’s coat is a sign of their overall health so it’s important to help them maintain a healthy, shiny coat. We know that cats are clean creatures who will spend much of their day tenderly grooming themselves and ensuring their coats are smooth and dirt-free. But sometimes a cat’s coat will become dull and flaky – you can help bring back the shine! There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to an unhealthy feline coat – so if you find your cat’s coat lacking in lustrousness, you might want to identify the cause and make improvements to your cat’s health and wellbeing.

Ill Health

Of course, the most significant reason a cat’s coat may be unhealthy, is when the cat is poorly. Diabetes is becoming a common health problem among cats and alongside the other dreadful symptoms, the cat’s coat will lose its lustre. Keep up to date with health checks at the vets, take note of a change in appetite or behaviour and ensure that you take your cat to see the vet if you feel that something may be ailing them. Loss of appetite and weight loss is usually an immediate sign that they are unwell, so to stop any further health conditions, take your cat to the vets regularly alongside your feline care routines.


It’s really important to keep your cat’s weight under control. An overweight cat is an unhappy cat who is unable to clean all the hard-to-get-to bits of their coat during their grooming sessions. Obesity can easily lead to the condition of their coat getting much worse, very quickly, so it’s worth monitoring your cat closely and get advice from your vet if you feel as if your cat’s weight is becoming a problem.


Old age affects us all. As cats become more and more elderly, they are unable to contort their bodies in order to groom the nooks and crannies of their coats as they used to, so this will lead to their lovely coats becoming shabby and unkempt. This is when they will need you to give them a hand, by meticulously brushing their coats for them. Not only will regularly brushing them help keep them clean, it should also stimulate their hair follicles and spread the natural oils throughout their coat, to help get that shine back.


Skin infections caused by parasites is another big reason that a cat’s coat becomes unhealthy. Keep your cat up to date with their flea and worm treatment, even if you suspect no exposure to pests. Fleas and worms can ravage a cat, their coat (and your home!) so making sure keeping them away is a priority. Brushing them regularly will keep their fur untangled and free of dirt. Do not over-bathe them, as this will wash out their natural oils and make their skin dry and flaky. Bathe your cat only if there is something dreadful and sticky or particularly unpleasant in their fur that they are unable to remove themselves through their usual grooming.


We’ve saved the most important for last! A healthy, balanced diet is vital for your cat and their glorious coat. Take care to find a nutritious and high grade food for your cat, of premium quality and which contains the right balance: high in protein, low in carbohydrates and without artificial colours or flavours. Simpsons Premium have an incredible range of excellent high grade cat food, containing human-grade meat, bursting with flavour, nutrients and minerals – so your cat and your cat’s coat will be visibly healthier. If you have any questions, get in touch with Simpsons Premium for further advice today.