Christmas Gifts for Cats and Dogs

Written by Shopify API


Posted on March 21 2018

Christmas gifts for Cats and DogsChristmas is for spending quality time with family. Choosing thoughtful gifts and surprising loved ones with something they have always wanted- including the pets! If you count your cat or dog as a fully-fledged member of the family, share the love with them on Christmas day by presenting them with gifts of their own! The extra love and attention you give them will strengthen the bond between you and they will love joining in the festive fun!

Festive Food

Everyone is guilty of over-indulging over the Christmas period, and pets shouldn’t be the exception! This time of year means there is a wide variety of special seasonal snacks on offer. From hand-selected subscription boxes catering for your dog or cats breed, size and age, to advent calendars and hundreds of treats and snacks in a variety of festive flavours to make sure your beloved cat or dog is involved in all the festivities- including Christmas dinner!


It may be hard to convince your four-legged friend to don a pair of reindeer antlers or a Santa hat. However, this season means the shops are brimming with chunky knitwear and warm clothing, for us and our furry companions. As far as they are concerned they are nice and snug, they will never know their new coat is entering them into the annual Christmas Jumper Day festivities! Remember, only dress your pet up if they are happy to oblige, don’t force them into anything as you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.


Although dogs and cats can’t read, personalised gifts look adorable around the home, and are a great way to identify the pet’s items from your own, such as beddings or blankets. Online you will find a whole plethora of products which are available to customise, from practical items like collars, food and water bowls, to fun, festive decorations like baubles, stockings and advent calendars.


The cold, winter months bring snow, ice and very low temperatures, which makes Christmas the perfect opportunity to treat your dog or cat to a plush new place to cat (or dog) nap in. From large luxurious beds, to something a little more unique like a hammock or a tipi, your pampered pet is bound to appreciate the 5* comfort!

Fun & Games

You will be spoilt for choice when choosing toys and activities to treat your pet to! From simple toys like catnip and fetching balls, to more challenging games that encourage your pet to perform a trick to receive a treat, or something a little more extravagant. Depending on your budget, there are a variety of products to keep your pet entertained, such as cat scratcher’s, play trees and towers and outdoor agility equipment.