Common Cat Behaviour

Written by Shopify API


Posted on October 26 2016

If you’re thinking about getting your first cat or perhaps have a cat but are wondering about their little quirks, then this guide should help you gain a greater understanding of common cat behaviour. Ginger cats


People generally think that when a cat purrs it means that they’re really happy. Most of the time it does, it’s the cat’s way of saying that they’re content and feeling secure but sometimes a purr is indicating that they’re not feeling well or are scared.

Scratching fences/furniture

All cats love to scratch which is why it’s important to have at least one scratch post in your home. They scratch their paws to clean them and when outside, to claim their territory.


If your cat starts to knead you when you’re curled up on the sofa together you should take it as a compliment. Your cat is showing you some love and letting you know that he/she feels happy. Cats learn how to knead from being small kittens, it’s what they did to their mums’ bellies whilst feeding.


When your cat is meowing at you, they’re trying to tell you something! Kittens meow at their mums to let them know they want milk or are feeling cold but once they grow up they don’t meow to other cats, unless they’re looking for a mate. They will meow to humans to say hello, to get attention, to demand food, to be let in or out of their home or if they have onset dementia.

Showing their belly

Sometimes your cat will roll over and show you their belly because they want a bit of a fuss, at other times they’ll want to play fight so be careful you don’t get caught by their claws.

Bringing dead mice/birds home

Cats are hunters so will occasionally bring home something they have caught. They are doing this for a number of different reasons, to impress you, to thank you for feeding them and returning the favour and asking you to “mind it” for them.

Head butting

Your cat will show you affection by rubbing your legs, flashing their bottom and giving you a head butt. The majority of cats aren’t a fan of being squeezed and you should never pick up your cat when they’re eating.