Dental Care

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Posted on October 26 2016

If you didn’t brush your teeth well twice a day, your teeth would be in terrible condition (and on your next visit to your dentist they’d probably have to remove quite a few). Dogs can’t brush their own teeth so it’s vital that we do it on their behalf if we want them to have healthy teeth and gums for the whole of their lives. dogs dental care 8 in 10 dogs actually suffer from gum disease before they’re three years old, a shocking statistic. Don’t let your dog be one of them.

How can I clean my dog’s teeth?

Feeding your dog a high quality dry food will help prevent plaque build-up, it’s so much better than a poor quality wet food. You might also want to give them dental chews occasionally to help clean their teeth and banish bad breath. You can pick up a toothbrush that fits on your finger and a toothpaste that’s been specially formulated for dogs from your local pet store pretty cheaply. Ideally you need to clean your dog’s teeth at least once a day. Dog toothpaste is often meat flavoured so your dog shouldn’t dislike the taste at all. It’s going to take time for your dog to get used to having their teeth brushed so it’s important to persevere. After a while, your dog will look forward to this one on one time every day, especially if you give their fur a brush too.

Getting teeth removed – an expensive business

If your dog is in pain and/or has teeth that are rotten they may need to have them removed by a vet. Tooth extractions can cost hundreds of pounds and aren’t covered by pet insurance. Your vet might recommend that they put your dog under an anaesthetic so they can do a full examination, after all, not many dogs will let a vet handle them. They may need to do an ex-ray of your dog’s mouth before giving your dog a full scale and polish/removing any bad teeth. It’s never too late to start caring for your dog’s teeth. Why not get some dog toothpaste this week and give it a go? You could save yourself a fortune in the long run and help prevent your dog from being in unnecessary pain.