Why Is My Dog Barking So Much?

Written by Shopify API


Posted on January 08 2018

Dog BarkingWhilst it’s completely normal for dogs to bark, excessive barking can not only be irritating for you but can also indicate that your dog is unhappy. Most commonly, barking indicates a change in your dog’s behaviour, which can be either good or bad. We’ve gathered three of the top emotional reasons which may be causing your dog to bark so that you can better understand how your pet is feeling.


Traditionally, dogs travel in packs and the phrase ‘man’s best friend’ is based on their need for companionship. If your dog is being left alone for extended periods of time they may begin to feel lonely and even develop separation anxiety. Separation anxiety causes them to bark when left alone and then they become stressed and bark more, trapping them in a vicious cycle where they continue to bark excessively no matter the situation. If this is the case for your dog, you may need to retrain them and adjust their living conditions to make them feel less lonely.


Especially in young dogs, barking may be used as a way of attention seeking. Young puppies often bark to grab the attention of their owners, encouraging them to play, feed or pet them more. Older dogs may bark simply if they’re bored; barking can provide an outlet of emotion and energy, making it a healthy and natural expression of their boredom.


Finally, excitement can be a common cause of excessive barking. Whether its during play, before a walk or perhaps when meeting new people and animals, dogs bark to show their excitement at the situation. If you’re dog’s barks are accompanied by lots of jumping and tail wagging, it’s likely you have an excitable pet on your hands, and they can be the most fun! Retraining is often the solution for many yappy dogs and treats are a great way of encouraging positive behaviour so why not try out our Natural Air Dried Dog Treats? They’re perfect for rewarding your dog’s good behaviour and they’re 70% made from single source protein, keeping your dog both healthy and happy. For more information, head to the advice centre which has lots of useful tips and support for both new and old pet owners.