Dog Hygiene Tips

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Posted on November 28 2017

BulldogOwning a dog is much more than just walking and feeding, as there is a great deal of ‘canine maintenance’ that is also required to keep your much-loved pet as healthy as possible. This includes cleaning their teeth, bathing them occasionally, clipping their nails, checking their ears and checking their eyes for infections. Have a read below at our advice on the best dog hygiene tips. By making this ‘maintenance’ a regular thing (as much as they might hate the bath) you will keep your dog in prime condition, and they will be much happier in the long run.

Clean their Teeth

Dogs are susceptible to gum disease just like humans, so also need to look after their teeth as much as possible. This can be done by using raw bones (not cooked as these can splinter), or for a more direct approach, you can actually buy dog toothpaste! Remember not to use human toothpaste, as much as they would enjoy the minty flavour. Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly will make sure they don’t succumb to diseases such as Gingivitis, which can create gaps under the teeth and encourage infection.

Bathing and Grooming

Even if your dog isn’t a fan of seeking out muddy ponds on your regular walks, bathing them is still a necessary occasionally. The best reason, aside from giving them a glossy coat, is to avoid skin irritations and rashes that will only get worse if you don’t treat them. Some dogs will only need a bath every six weeks while other breeds only three times a year. Bathing your dog too much can take essential oils out of the coat and make the skin dry. Make sure you get shampoo for dogs and whilst you are washing and grooming them, check their skin for fleas and ticks.

Clip their Nails

Depending on the amount of exercise a dog gets, nails can often be worn down on their own, so less clipping is necessary. If your dog’s nails do get long and you wish to clip them yourself then make sure to avoid the quick (a blood vessel that runs through the nail) as if caught this can will be painful for your dog and can cause infection.

Check their ears

It’s always worth checking your dog’s ears for any redness or any irritations, especially if they have been scratching them. Once again, depending on the breed of dog, dust, dirt and other irritants can find their way into your dog’s ears quite easily. Buy ear cleaner especially for dogs but if only if use if no sign of irritation or redness.

Check for eye infections

Similarly, dogs can succumb to eye infections fairly easily, especially if they are adventurous type on a walk and aren’t afraid of running through bushes and undergrowth. You can try and wipe your dog’s eyes clean, but if any redness occurs it is best to take them to the Vet. Remember to combine all of these tips with a healthy balanced diet of Simpsons Premium Dog food. If you have any questions about our products or the ingredients that we use, get in touch with us today.