Eye Care for Dogs

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Posted on May 10 2017

Eye Care for DogsIn terms of their general health and wellbeing, another problem area for dogs are their eyes, which can become irritated in a similar way to their ears if not properly cleaned. Depending on the breed of dog, they may also be more susceptible to infections, so keeping on top of eye care is a priority. Especially if the dog is irritated by itchiness or there is any redness around the eyes, it’s important to clean your dog’s eyes yourself. Below we have got some great advice for cleaning your dog’s eyes. Have a read of different symptoms to look out for, safe techniques to maintain your dog’s health and what to use.

Different symptoms

Your dog’s eyes should be bright and clear around the white of their eyes. If there are any issues such as tears, discharge or crustiness, they may just need a general clean. More serious symptoms will include:
  • Cloudiness
  • Inflammation
  • Closed Eyes
Dogs can also be susceptible to conjunctivitis, glaucoma and cataracts, so it is worth checking their eyes regularly. If you are in any doubt as to their eye health, take them straight in to see a Vet.

How to clean your dog’s eyes

Before even tackling their eyes, try and make sure the area around their eyes are completely clear. That means trimming back fur that may have overgrown and wiping around the eye with a damp cotton ball to remove any discharge or crustiness. A clear indication of healthiness is that the area around the pupil is white rather than discoloured, and the lid around the eye is pink, rather than white or red. If you feel that your dog’s eyes are crusty and dry, try and use recommended eye drops to lubricate the eye, available from pet stores and the vet if necessary. For more advice on how you can help maintain you dog's health and hygiene, take a look at our guide to common dog hygiene here.