French Bulldog

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Posted on January 18 2017

French BulldogThe small stature of this breed, also known as Frenchies, does nothing to dampen its big personality - which often involves a humorous expression and a lively temperament. This miniature bulldog is a very loving breed who wants, and needs, to spend time with their family. As they are very people-oriented, being on their own for any length of time can lead to them developing separation anxiety. This breed is well suited for families who aren’t outgoing, as they don’t require lots of exercise - but do need a daily walk to keep them a healthy weight. However, this breed is prone to heat exhaustion, so make sure to be careful on hot days. In addition, their build makes them poor swimmers, so owners should exercise caution around open water. Breed Group: Utility Lifespan: 10 – 12 years Colours: Brindle, Fawn, White, Tan, Brindle & White Whilst they can be difficult to housetrain if not done from a young age, they do respond well to training when done correctly, but you must remember that patience is a virtue. This breed is notoriously stubborn and it’s best to use fun training techniques to get them interested. Make sure that you always reward with praise and treats. Explore our treat ranges here.

What Weight Should My French Bulldog Be?

Male: 12.5kg Female: 11kg Both male and females should have a height of 30cm when a fully sized adult.


French Bulldogs are a breed that are prone to food allergies and being overweight if they are not fed the right food, which could lead to further health problems. Food allergies that they are prone to can cause itchy skin with symptoms such as painful hives, rashes, bumps and sores being visible. With this in mind we would always recommend feeding a grain free food from a young age. For puppies we would recommend the Puppy Sensitive Salmon & Potato or the Puppy Venison & Rabbit out of the 60/40 range. These are both completely grain free and suitable for sensitive skin. For adult dogs, we would recommend the Adult Sensitive range selection, in either the Salmon, Duck, Chicken or Lamb. If your Frenchie is suffering from any skin problems or has any itching, then the Salmon & Potato would be the best food to try first. If your dog is not too keen on a fish based food, and has bad skin problems, then the Adult Venison & Rabbit from the 60/40 range would be the next option, as it is always a good idea to try a novel protein diet. Find out more about itchy skin in dogs here. Always follow the feeding guides on the individual product pages when weighing out how much to feed. If your dog is more active and livelier, then they will need more food compared to a dog who loves to be a couch potato, as they are burning off more energy. We recommend to feed twice daily and always ensure that clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times.


French Bulldogs are a breed that is quite easy to groom at home and requires no clipping. We recommend to brush weekly, as they can be prone to some shedding and brushing will help keep the coat healthy and shiny. You should bath occasionally, as needed, and take time to dry in between the folds to prevent bacterial infections. Cleaning their ears with a warm, damp cloth on a regular basis is a must – NEVER stick a cotton bud in the dog’s ear canal. The French Bulldog is rightly called a companion dog, this charming little breed will happily curl up and cuddle with both adult and children and will keep a watchful guard over your home. Whilst they do get along with children you should never leave them alone unsupervised.