Golden Retriever

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Posted on April 03 2019

Originally bred in Scotland and mostly known for their abbreviated name “Goldies’, this kind, affectionate, gentle breed are popular pets that fit in well with families - if socialised correctly from a young age. As a result, they are ranked the fifth most popular dog breed worldwide. Due to their incredible intelligence, they are highly trainable and willing to learn any new tricks you may want to show them. However, it has been known for them to remain very puppy-like even into their adult years! They tend to be very adaptable and fit in with most people’s lifestyle.

Life Span: 10-12 Years

Breed Group: Gundog

Colours: Dark Golden, Cream, Light Golden & Golden.

What Height & Weight Should My Golden Retriever Be?


Male: 56-61cm Female: 51-56cm


Male: 30-34kg Female: 25-32kg


High maintenance on the grooming front, Goldies require regular grooming of their dense, water-repellent, wavy outer coat. They shed copiously, especially at the change of seasons (with spring and autumn being the worst ones), so daily brushing to get loose hair out of their coat to stop it settling on clothes or around your house is essential. Daily brushing will also stop their fur from getting tangled and matted which can be quite painful for your pet. It is recommended that you trim their nails around once or twice per month, unless they wear them down naturally. You should also plan a bath around every six weeks - however, if you have a Goldie that loves to roll around in muddy puddles or dive into the local pond whilst out walking, then you may need to have an unplanned soak! Getting them used to all their grooming regimes from a puppy is vital so that they don’t become stressed, anxious or nervous when it comes around.


A breed that craves exercise and any sort of physical activity needing around one hour’s exercise daily. They need lots of mental stimulation as well as exercise, as without it their mind’s will become bored causing them to engage in destructive behaviours such as; chewing, digging and running around the house like a whirlwind. They are very easy to train making them the ideal assistant dogs, and they thrive on agility or obedience training which is good exercise as well as mental stimulation.


Anyone who has owned a Goldie will tell you that they are true “foodies”, never turning down any meal. Also, due to their incredible intelligence, they will soon understand when mealtime is going to occur. If you find that your puppy rushes down their food, then you may want to invest in a slow-feeder bowl that will make them work for their food and slow the process down. On bringing your new puppy home we would recommend that you stay on the food the breeder has provided you with until they settle into their new home. Then, you can gradually start swapping them onto the Puppy Salmon and Potato from our Sensitive Puppy Range, or the Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice from the Rice Range for Puppies. This should be suitable until they are around ten to twelve months old, which is when you should begin to change onto the Adult Sensitive Range or Adult Rice Range. If they don't have a food intolerance, you can swap between flavours with each bag you get as long as you stay within the same range. If you wish to switch ranges or are looking for more information on changing a breeder’s food to one of ours, take a look at our blog post here. Overall, the Golden Retriever is a happy, loving and devoted canine companion that is very adaptable and will fit in with most people’s lifestyle.