Himalayan Cat

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Posted on August 15 2018

Himalayan Cat Often being confused for a Persian except that the Himalayan has striking blue eyes and the colour markings of a Siamese – with a darker face, ears, tail and feet. A fairly medium-sized cat but their massive bones and excessive hair can make them appear large. Average Life Span: 9 - 15 years Coats Colours Include: Lilac, Blue, Black, Seal, Flame Red, Chocolate, Silver, Fawn, Golden, Brown, Cinnamon and Hot Cream. Weight: 7 – 12 lbs. With a calm, loyal and docile temperament they are the perfect companion cat. They tend to be quite shy and prefer quiet environments and snuggling on your lap rather than loud and lively environments. They will reserve all their attention for family members or visitors that they can trust but they will never be demanding, they will patiently wait for your attention. Their tame nature means that they are unlikely to climb your curtains or jump onto your kitchen counters as they much prefer to sleep on the sofa. They are a Brachycephalic breed (short nosed facial structure) and this can lead to excessive tear production where you will need to wipe their eyes with a warm, damp cloth daily. This type of breed are prone to overheating due to restricted airways, so it is vital in the summer months you provide them with a cool, shaded area to prevent heatstroke. Due to their thick double coats, they require frequent grooming to avoid any matting which can become very painful. Comb daily and bath them monthly to keep any oils under control and keep their fur looking sleek and shiny.