How to Use Treats to Train Your Dog

Written by Shopify API


Posted on February 12 2018

By using treats to reward positive behaviour, your pup will begin to associate your commands with happiness. The first step is to choose the perfect treat as an incentive for a dog's good behaviour.  When training your dog, it is important to use natural, healthy treats such as our Natural Fish Skin and Natural Air-Dried treats. Made from all-natural products, they are perfect for training because they’re healthy and come in a variety of flavours, so that even the fussiest dogs will find something they enjoy. Now you have a treat that your dog is excited for, you must remember to use it as reinforcement for positive behaviour, not as a bribe. You want your dog to display good behaviour because you told them to, not simply because you have a treat to offer. The best way to avoid bribery is by only showing them you have a treat once they’ve completed the good behaviour. Keep this in mind throughout your training. Tell your dog the command you want them to follow, such as ‘sit’, with no treat in sight. Then, only once they’ve completed the action, reward them. After a little practice, your dog should be following your commands or gestures without a treat. Of course, all training works best with a little bit of love, so be sure to show your dog lots of affection throughout the process and you’ll have one happy puppy!