Maine Coon Cat

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Posted on February 02 2017

The Maine Coon is a long-haired cat native to the American state of Maine, hence the name. As the largest breed of domestic cat around, these gentle giants are famous for their big looks and even bigger personalities.

Maine Coon Bio:

Average Life Span: 9-15 yearsMaine Coon Coat Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Tortie, Blue Tortie, White Weight: a weight range of 9 to 20 pounds (males are bigger) The Maine Coon is a good natured and versatile cat. Equally happy to be left to their own devices or be with people, they can easily adapt to your lifestyle and routine. This adaptability means Maine Coons tend to mix easily with other pets and children. At the same, they love to receive attention when you direct it their way, but are also content to oversee things when you’re busy. Despite the Maine Coon’s silky, long and fluffy coat, their fur doesn’t matt easily. To help keep their coat healthy, regular grooming sessions twice a week should be enough to help them get rid of dead hair and redistribute skin oils. Maine Coon cats are highly affectionate cats that are always up for a cuddle. As one of the most intelligent breeds of cat, they can also be taught to do tricks, play fetch and go out for walks on a lead.