Novel Protein

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Posted on June 23 2017

Many cats and dogs can suffer frequently with digestive issues or end up having a severe reaction from low-quality foods that they eat. At Simpsons Premium, we aim to provide high-quality wet and dry food for your pet that not only gives them a balanced diet, but also keeps them happy and healthy. If your pet is having digestive issues or problems with their skin, it can sometimes be directly linked to the type of food they’re eating. Many vets will advise that you change your pet’s food to one that contains novel protein, which can make a huge difference. But what is novel protein?

What is Novel Protein?

Essentially, novel protein refers to a protein source that your pet has never tried before. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic meat such as kangaroo, just any meat that your cat or dog has never consumed.

Why switch?

The reason for switching your pet onto food that contains novel protein, is that having one type of food for a long time can often lead to your pet developing a food intolerance and subsequently, health problems.

Choosing the right food

Simpsons Premium manufacture a whole range of cat and dog food containing different ingredients, including chicken, fish, lamb, turkey, duck, venison, kangaroo, wild boar and ostrich to name a few. Many products in our range also contain a single source of protein, so that your pet can find a novel protein source that works for them.

Changing your pet’s diet

Remember when trying a new food to make the transition gradually. This means mixing a bit of their old food and new food together over a short amount of time.