Persian Cats

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Posted on January 18 2017

This elegant feline is a docile creature, but are prone to having a mad five minutes if they have a bit too much built up energy. A Persian is perfect for an older family who have time to maintain their fur, keep them indoors and give them lots of attention.

Persian Bio:persian-cat

Average Life Span: 15 years Coat Colours: Blue, Red, Lilac, Chocolate, Cream, Black and many more Weight: a weight range of 7 to 12 pounds The Persian is famously a calm cat, who thrives best in a quiet environment. Whilst the Persian is very tolerant, it still loves to be the centre of attention, so it is best to keep them in a home without other pets. Daily grooming is a must for a Persian, so any potentially owner should be aware of the time it takes. You’ll need to brush and comb them daily to keep their gorgeous coat tangle-free, and make sure to bath them at least once a month. This breed is also prone to tearing up, so you will need to wipe their eyes every day to prevent staining, and make sure you brush their teeth at least weekly to avoid periodontal disease. Luckily the Persian loves attention and makes a great lap cat, so grooming them shouldn’t be a chore. They make great indoor cats and are content napping on the sofa whilst you are out of the house. At the same time, Persians are also not fighters, so keeping them inside can avoid them being attacked by other cats or dogs.