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Posted on August 15 2018

Pomeranian dogAlso known as Poms, these cute little puffballs with fox-like faces and bushy tails are the smallest of the Spitz breed but have the courage of a large dog. Their lively, playful and energetic personality means that they would much rather be trotting around the house rather than snuggled up on the sofa however, they do get attached to their family members. Breed Group: Toy Average Life Span: 12 - 16 years Coat Colours: White, Black, Tan, Brown, Orange & Grey-Shaded Height: 7 – 12 inches Weight: 1.9kg – 3.5kg They are well known for their ruff of fur on their neck formed by the top coat and have a fringe of feathery hair on their hindquarters. Due to their double coat it is essential to brush them daily to maintain the fluffy texture and to stop their fur matting. Some main health problems of Poms are due to lack of attention with ear, eye and teeth cleaning however, with regular care this can be avoided. They are a breed prone to early tooth loss so it is recommended that they are fed a dry food to avoid this. Barking is not unusual for a Pom and can easily become a bad habit if not trained accordingly. They are aware of changes in their environment which can cause excessive barking – you could try to stop this by distracting them with a toy. As they are very defensive of their territory they can be aggressive to other dogs to prove themselves. A daily walk will suffice for this energetic breed as they would prefer to run around an enclosed space. Providing them with a good diet and appropriate exercise will ensure that they have very few health problems.