Sensitive Stomach/Colitis In Dogs

Written by Shopify API


Posted on February 09 2017

Is your dog suffering from a Sensitive Stomach or Colitis?

The most common symptoms of a sensitive stomach for pets is loose stools, occasional vomiting, passing wind, mucous stools and straining. Normally the above symptoms can be controlled by feeding the correct diet but it is always worth a visit to the vet especially if there is blood in the stool. Feeding poor quality foods can lead to a sensitive digestion as can feeding a food that contains ingredients that the pet is intolerant to. Overfeeding is also a cause of this problem especially in the case of loose stools, and this manifests in the fact that the first part of the stool is firm and fully formed then it starts to go softer and the pet can start to strain. If this is the case then adjusting the amount you feed can soon rectify the issue. We would always recommend to weigh out the food as all foods vary in density and it is impossible to judge by eye. If your pet has constantly loose stools then this can lead to colitis type problems where the stools can be mucous covered and blood can also be present in the stool. We always recommend to try a diet that is totally different to what is already being fed and to cut out all treats and titbits in the interim. If you currently feed your pet a grain based diet then we would recommend to change over to a grain free diet, particularly popular is the Sensitive range, as this in the main contains a single source protein.