Should I Let My Dog Sleep on My Bed?

Written by Shopify API


Posted on July 03 2018

Dog sleeping on bed with familyWhen you bring home your new faithful canine companion there are many questions you begin to ask yourself on how you think they should be raised. Wondering whether they should sleep on/in your bed at night may be one of them. Whilst dogs are wonderful for your health and encourage you to lead a healthier life, sleeping with your dog can bring you more than love and cuddles but can bring germs, bacteria and encourage bad behaviour. It is not unusual for people to sleep with their pets and many dog owners are very split on the decision but no matter how much you love your dog sharing the bed with them is a bad idea. Here are some reasons why it is not such a good idea:


One of the main reasons why you should not let your dog sleep in bed with you is that it can promote bad behaviour and upon bringing your dog home it is important that you set clear boundaries and be consistent if you don’t want problems where your dog thinks he rules the roost. Dogs will see the bed as their territory and he may growl at your partner as he will believe he is protecting you and that they are not welcome in his domain. Another problem that may occur is dominance issues – he will start to undermine your dominance and believe that he is higher up and above you in the pecking order in the family. If you have multiple pets and only one pet is allowed in the bed, then this can cause jealousy and result in fights amongst each other. If you do allow them to sleep in your bed and decide that you want to stop as it is not a good idea this can also cause problems – nights of barking, whining and howling as dogs cannot understand why you have stopped something you have always done.


Dogs sleeping in your bed can massively affect your health with even the cleanest looking dog spreading germs and bacteria. Even when treating your dog with flea and tick control it is still possible for your dog to catch them and duvets, blankets and pillows are the perfect environment for fleas to multiply. It is important to NEVER let children sleep with pets as dogs are prone to common worms and if they come into contact with them this will result in possible losing of their sight. Don’t forget the dirty paws from their earlier walk or the smelly bone he has chewed on throughout the day as they all contain possible germs and bacteria that will spread onto your bedsheets.


Being allergic to pet hair is a real thing. However, you may not be allergic to your dog and its hair, but you can be allergic to things that they come into contact with throughout the day especially if they are outside as they are exposed to pollen. All dogs carry allergens as they stick to his fur or on his paws and this can cause blocked noses, sneezing and coughing which is never good when trying to get the best night’s sleep. If you have been sleeping with your pet and have asthma or are experiencing symptoms of an allergy, then you need to start thinking about ending the bed habit.

Disturbed Sleep

To stay healthy, humans need around five hours uninterrupted sleep each night so to stay in good health you are relying on a good night’s sleep. Dogs are prone to odd sleeping behaviours such as snoring, scratching and kicking which can all disturb your sleep, putting your health at risk. Most dogs will feel much more comfortable going to their own bed at night as they like to feel secure, safe and warm. It is important to find the right sized bed for your breed of dog, one that will provide them with them enough room but also one that gives him the security of being in a closed area. As dogs tend to shed a lot, even when they sleep, it is important to get a bed that has multiple washable covers so that you can help control the shedding, bacteria and germs.