Siamese Cat

Written by Shopify API


Posted on May 18 2017

“We are Siamese, if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please.” We may all remember the sneaky Siamese cats in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp – that may be most children’s first encounter with the breed- and what a poor light they are painted in! However, these cats are very distinctive- both in appearance and personality and some may say they’re an acquired taste. Read on…

Siamese Breed Bio:

Average Life Span: 11-15 yearsSiamese Cat Coat Colours: seal point, chocolate point, blue point, lilac point Weight: Males: 3.8kg to 4.8kg Females: 1.9kg to 4.2kg Ancestors of the Burmese, Siamese cats are elegantly athletic and agile in body, with very distinctive facial features and a high level of intelligence and personality. They are fond of their humans, are inclined to be very vocal and opinionated and will follow you around the house, live in your lap and sleep in your bed with you. Physically beautiful, they are famous for their piercing blue eyes, and for being ‘pointed’ – meaning they have colour in their face, legs and tails but are cream coloured everywhere else. They have a low maintenance grooming routine due to them being short-haired and will be fine with simple hand grooming. Siamese are very clever, so your cat would benefit from plenty of stimulation from games, cat playgrounds and outdoor/indoor pursuits. If you’re not fond of your cat following your every move and ‘talking’ to you all the while, Siamese may not be the cat for you. They also require your company and attention – so if you work away all day and enjoy jetting off on holidays, consider another breed because no cat can sulk quite like a Siamese when they feel abandoned.