Stamping out Bad Behaviour

Written by Shopify API


Posted on October 26 2016

Dogs might be a man’s best friend but this doesn’t stop them having bad days. It’s important that you nip any bad behaviour in the bud as soon as possible, as you don’t want their behaviour to get worse. Labrador puppy

Here are some tips to stop bad behaviour whether you’re at home or out and about…

Train your dog

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, going to a weekly training class could really help. Your dog will get to have some quality one on one time with you, learn tricks and how they should behave. For instance, if your dog currently pulls on the lead and barks aggressively at other dogs they meet, a training class should teach them to walk to heel and not flicker when another dog walks by.

Show them you’re the boss

You need to be leader of your pack and not let your dog call the shots. When leaving your home to go on a walk, you should always walk through the doorway first. At meal times, you should eat first and your dog second – and you should never give them food from your plate whilst you’re at the dinner table. If your dog plays up because they want attention, don’t give in to them, as you’ll be rewarding them and they’ll play up even more in the future. Unless you’re planning on breeding your dog, you really should consider getting them neutered. This should calm them down no end and there are many health benefits too.

Give him something to chew

If your dog has got a fondness for chewing or eating your shoes, handbag or anything he or she sees, you need to try to stop this straightaway. If they eat something they shouldn’t, you could end up with a nasty vet’s bill. Give your dog chew toys and treats that they can chew under your supervision (never leave them unsupervised in case they swallow them). If they are chewing things when you leave them alone in your house, consider crate training. Your dog might really benefit from having a safe place like a crate to retreat to and it’ll protect your home from further damage.