Tips for Preventing Unwanted Cats Entering Your Home

Written by Shopify API


Posted on April 03 2018

Cat walking on fence Cats are naturally inquisitive animals; they love nosing about your garden, even venturing into your home in search of food and company. Whilst they are adorable, other people’s cats can become a nuisance and even become aggressive toward your cat, fighting for the right to call your home their territory. One simple, solution for deterring stray cats is to keep half-full water bottles, or reflective CDs, around the borders of your garden. The light shining off these objects will deter unwanted cats from entering, fearful of what the objects and light could be. However, the problem with this method, along with other popular solutions such as sprinkling chili flakes around your garden, is that you could upset your own furry friend from going into the garden. Another solution which will keep your pet safe is spraying the stray cats with water or creating loud noises, such as clapping, when they enter your garden. This will scare them away, and they will begin to associate your home with negative interactions. This method must be repeated several times for it to become effective, which can be difficult if you aren’t home or don’t realise the cats are in your garden! Therefore, the best way we have found of preventing unwanted cats is to make your house as unattractive as possible. Food and attention are the main reasons a stray cat will visit your home, by eliminating these your house will become uninteresting and they will often move onto another house. As hard as it may be, stroking and feeding stray cats will encourage them to return and become comfortable in your space. Similarly, leaving your cats food near a cat flap will encourage other cats to enter your home in search of the food so ensure you are feeding your cat far from the door. By implementing these two techniques, we hope these unwanted visitors will leave you and your cat in some much-needed peace. If you’d like to learn more about your feline friend, head to the advice centre for cats, or, alternatively, browse our range of delicious cat food which is perfect for all breeds and ages.