Top 5 Affectionate Cat Breeds

Written by Shopify API


Posted on June 05 2018

Siamese catCats are very curious creatures that value their own space. Often seeming completely opposite to dogs, they are independent, cold and aloof - whereas actually every cat’s personality is different and distinct. Whilst every cat is unique, there are certain breeds that like to cuddle, play and crave human attention. If you are looking for a cat with similar traits to a dog, then check out the five breeds below.


This well-known cat breed loves being the centre of attention and is extremely affectionate with its family, having plenty patience with children. Siamese cats crave human attention more than anything and will want to be a part of everything you do however they normally tend to form a strong bond with one person within the family. They can be very dog like in the sense that, if you are out they will wait by the window watching for you to come home. They have a lively personality but are very curious and intelligent meaning they are able to communicate with their humans.


These cats are very popular for their long, soft fur and loyal, affectionate personality. They love to have a relaxed lifestyle which suits their quiet, gentle nature and are typically an indoor only cat however if they do venture outdoors then they don’t tend to wander very far. Persians take pride in their appearance and love to be groomed, this also allows them to have bonding time with their owner. They don’t like loud environments and love to be stroked, hugged and value their time with their family members.


The most unusual yet loyalist cat around. Their hairless appearance makes indoor only cats as they don’t cope well with extreme temperatures as well as making them high maintenance as the temperature has to be just right for them at all times in order to keep them comfortable. They love attention off humans and are eager to be close to people as they need warmth they love to snuggle up although they are keen to play every so often.


They may be quite big, but they are known for being the most laid-back cat there is and one that craves the most attention. They are renowned for their gentle, affectionate nature and will put up with almost anything if it means they can have all the attention on them. The cat that has the most dog like traits as the love cuddling, they even go limp in your arms – this is how they got their ‘Ragdoll’ name. They don’t tend to explore and venture out and would prefer to just follow their owner around – this is why they aren’t very streetwise.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

With their teddy bear appearance, loyal temperament and gentle nature this makes the exotic shorthair a true companion pet. Extremely affectionate with the family, always choosing to be close to you and they also bond well with other pets in the household. They are more playful than their Persian relative and don’t take loneliness too well often making themselves ill if they feel alone. They much prefer to sleep on the sofa or rest on the window board rather than running and jumping around as they are much to gentle and laid back. Whichever breed you choose, nutrition plays a huge part in having a long, healthy and happy life with your new companion. Take a look at our complete wet and dry foods perfect for your cat.