Typical Traits of Common Breeds

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Posted on October 26 2016

Before you get any dog, it’s vital that you do your research. You should never get a dog just because you like the way it looks. Different dog breeds have different needs and you need to choose a dog that will fit in with your family long-term.

Here are the top 10 dog breeds in the UK and their typical traits:


A good family dog, they are extremely loyal and enjoy long walks. They can be strong willed so obedience training is a must. They can be boisterous and energetic, especially in their youth.

Cocker Spaniel

A well-tempered, gentle natured dog. Can be a bit nervy when around strangers and clingy to their owners.

typical-traits-french-bulldogFrench Bulldog

Pups can be highly energetic but adults tend to like the easy life. They are quiet dogs on the whole (when it comes to barking) but tend to snort because of their short faces. They can be harder to train than other breeds.

English Springer Spaniel

Very active dogs. They are easy to train and need their minds to be kept active. They can become destructive if left for long periods of time. They love jumping in muddy puddles and getting dirty, so require regular grooming and baths.


Playful and mischievous. Tend to be friendly towards kids, dogs and strangers. They can be prone to getting overweight if not exercised enough and can be difficult to train as they’re strong willed. Like the French Bulldog, they’re prone to snorting.


Family friendly, they love curling up on a sofa and taking it easy. They tend to like strangers but not other dogs. They are quite laid back but can be barkers/howlers.

german-shepherdGerman Shepherd

Strong and loyal dogs. They become devoted to their families and are very intelligent. They aren’t aggressive dogs on the whole, despite being known as good guard dogs. They excel at agility training.

Golden Retriever

A dog that likes spending time with both people and other dogs. Good to train and needs an active lifestyle. One of the most caring and sensitive of dog breeds.

border terrierBorder Terrier

An active dog that likes to play rough. They enjoy chasing things and can be hard to recall. Tend to be hunters so not ideal if you’ve got cats.

Miniature Schnauzer

Playful dogs but hard to predict what their personality will be when they’re a pup. Some are very extravert, others are placid and shy. They make good family watchdogs and enjoy a good walk. For more help and advice on choosing the right breed for your family, please check out the Kennel Club website >