Unique Breeds

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Posted on October 26 2016

There are hundreds of different breeds of cats in the world. Moggies are the most common (non-pedigree) and then you’ve got popular pedigree cats like Ragdolls, Persians and Siamese but there are some unique breeds of cats that you mightn’t have heard of. Sadly, rare breeds cats are prone to health problems so you will need to consider getting pet insurance or saving up a pot money to pay for any vet bills that might arise if you decide to get one.

Here are our five favourite unique cat breeds:


These hairless cats are arguably the weirdest to look at. They often have skin patches in different colours which show what colour their fur would have been if they had any. They are very affectionate and make ideal family pets. If you’re going to be out all day at work, it’s best to have two sphynxes so they can keep each other company. sphynx cat


They can be born almost completely bald or with hair that generally falls out as they grow up. They originate from Russia and were created by breeding Donskoy and Oriental Shorthairs together. They are elegant and graceful with oval paws that some use to open doors. They like to be active and have a loud purr.


Many people think they look like mini-werewolves and act like dogs. They have a patched coat and large round eyes. They enjoy hunting and can be possessive over their toys. The breed has only been in existence since 2011.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Another hairless breed but with unusual ears that fold forward. This breed was created by breeding Scottish Folds to Donskoy cats. They are low maintenance and affectionate but can meow and howl a lot at night.


A dwarf version of a Sphynx, these cats might have short stumpy legs but they have bundles of energy. They enjoy playing with toys and running around, so can be great addition to busy households. They’re bald, apart from a small amount of fur on their ears, nose, feet and tail. The first Minskin was born in 2000 so they’re another new breed.