What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

Written by Shopify API


Posted on August 20 2018

Lost Dog PosterIt is every pet owner’s worst nightmare, the panic that sets in when you realise your dog isn’t there. Just like a missing person, the first 24 hours are critical when you lose your dog. The sooner you realise your dog is missing and not just playing hide and seek behind the sofa the better. Most dogs that go missing are reunited back with their families within a few hours. The main thing is not to panic, take a deep breath and remain calm because there are some quick, easy and effective things you can do to ensure that man is reunited with his best friend.

Missing From Home

There are many reasons your dog could decide to go walkabouts from your home such as seeing a passing cat or just simply on the hunt for food so by following these steps it will increase your chances of a safe return:
  • Spend 10-20 minutes calling your dog
  • Make familiar sounds, possibly shaking a packet of their favourite treats
  • Knock on doors of the houses nearby and ask them to check garden sheds and garages in case they have become trapped inside
  • If you live in a rural area you live, then check the fields nearby and be sure to check rabbit and badger holes

Missing From Walking

If your dog gets spooked by another animal on a walk he could slip his lead or similarly if you remove his lead and he decides to run off on his own adventure, then take the following steps instantly:
  • Call and whistle for them and if you have their favourite treats then try shaking those
  • Go back to places you know your dog likes on the walk
  • Give your number to fellow walkers and ask them to call you if they see him
  • Check back at your car as dogs are very good at finding their way back
If you have had no joy within a few hours, then don’t give up hope. Dogs are great at finding their way back home and there are still lots of things you can do to ensure their safe return.
  • Contact your local pet charities, dog shelters or vets to see if anyone has handed them in
  • Hopefully your dog is microchipped and if so, contact the microchip company to make them aware your dog is missing. Make sure they have all your correct details to get in touch with you
  • Use your social networks to create a post with a recent picture of your pet and ask people to share it so that people in the local area know to look out and contact you if they see him
  • Create a missing poster that you can distribute across the neighbourhood, attach to trees, or ask local pubs or shops if they would put one up. Make sure that you list a full description of your pet, a recent photograph and your contact details such as, you name, telephone numbers and email address
  • Get in touch with your local dog warden, council and police and let them know when you last saw your dog and give them a full description. If your dog is involved in a road accident or reported as a stray they will be the ones who are informed
When you are reunited with your beloved best friend it is important to greet them with a warm welcome. If your dog isn’t already microchipped then get this done immediately so that you are able to find them easily should they wander off again.