• Basic Commands for Dogs

    One of the most important aspects of training a dog or puppy is to get them to understand basic commands such as sit, stay, down and heel..

  • How to Care for Older Dogs

    A lot of pet owners will swear their dogs get a lot more like them over time. And like us, even the most active of dogs slow down with.

  • Putting your Dog in a Kennel

    In a perfect world, you would be able to take your dog on holiday with you. If that isn’t possible, you don’t have friends or.

  • What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

    One minute they’re beside you, the next they are not. This horrible thought plagues every dog owner. Luckily if you’re dog goes.

  • Stamping out Bad Behaviour

    Dogs might be a man’s best friend but this doesn’t stop them having bad days. It’s important that you nip any bad behaviour in the.

  • Learning Simple Tricks

    One of the great joys of owning a dog is teaching them a new trick – whether it’s sit, shake paws, or stay. It might only take your dog.

  • Crate Training

    It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an older dog, they might benefit from having their own crate that they can retreat to. Crates.

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